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Lead Dawg Howler and Rabbit Distress Combo

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SKU: KH942

Get 2 calls in one with Knight & Hale’s Lead Dawg, a combination coyote howler and rabbit distress call that brings in coyotes, bobcats and other wild predators. 


Be predator or prey—the choice is yours. Insert the mouthpiece into the end piece one way to create the panicked sounds of a jack rabbit in distress. Turn the mouthpiece around, and the call instantly becomes an open-reed coyote howler! Get 2 great sound modes from one innovative call and bring in coyotes, bobcats, foxes and other predators with the lifelike barks, howls and squeals of both the hunter and the hunted.

  • Easy-to-operate 2-in-1 convertible game call
  • Produces jack rabbit distress sounds 
  • Quickly transforms into an open-reed coyote howler
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