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Wapiti Whistler Bugle Call

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Pick up the Wapiti Whistler and instantly sound like a pro with this easy-to-use elk call that mimics a young satellite bull.

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The most user-friendly and natural-sounding bugle call on the market, Knight & Hale’s Wapiti Whistler puts the power of the hunt in your back pocket. Portable and extremely easy to use, this elk call realistically recreates the vocalizations of a young satellite elk, no experience necessary. Just pick it up and blow!

  • Easily imitates the bugle sounds of a herdless bull on the prowl
  • Calls territorial bulls out to defend their turf and cows
  • Extended tube generates intense volume ideal for long-distance or windy-day calling
  • Also produces the smooth tones needed to close the deal
  • So easy to use, even a beginner can instantly sound like a pro!
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