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Sneeze Wheeze Deer Call

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SKU: KHD0022-T

The first of its kind (Sneeze Wheeze) recreates the sound of a deer sneezing while they eat, as a calming “come on in the food is great” sound, and doubles as a snort wheeze, creating the loudest huff you have ever heard. The (Sneeze Wheeze) is part of Knight and Hale’s Bone Collector Line of calls, and is designed to fit easily in your hand and pocket.


The (Sneeze Wheeze) is a very different call for Knight and Hale with both its looks and its purpose. The (Snort Wheeze) is part of the Bone Collector Line and is the brainchild of T-bone Turner. Deer get dust in their noses when they feed in your green fields, causing them to sneeze. This natural sneeze is a comforting sound to even the wariest deer that don’t want to be the first to enter the field. The (Sneeze Wheeze) creates the natural sneezing sound, as well as the loudest snort wheeze you have ever heard. The (Sneeze Wheeze) utilizes multiple rounded air chambers that create a loud, natural and wet sound. The design of the (Sneeze Wheeze) makes it the perfect fit for your hand and pocket.

  • Built in collaboration with Bone Collector
  • Small and lightweight
  • Loudest Snort Wheeze on the market
  • Natural sound that makes bucks feel calm and welcome
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