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Rack Mag Rattling System

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SKU: KH1019A

Ideal for long-range calling, this beefed-up version of the original Pack Rack™ replicates the clashing sounds of dominant bucks and elk locked in an epic brawl.


With antler sounds so real you feel like you can reach out and touch them, Knight & Hale’s Rack Mag rattling system brings territorial bucks running. Authentically reproduce the deep, heavy-boned noises of antlers clashing and draw in mature deer, elk and moose to defend their turf. Best of all, the Rack Mag is loud, getting their attention from long distances and on windy days.

  • Replicates the antler sounds of mature bucks, elk and moose fighting for dominance
  • Perfect for long-distance or windy-day calling scenarios when maximum volume is needed 
  • Ideal for tree-raking call strategies, simulating the distinctive rubbing sounds made by all antlered game 
  • A must-try for hunters who love the original Rack Pack™
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