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Grandmaw's Snuff Can Turkey Tube Call

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SKU: KHT5000
The Grandmaw's Snuff Can Turkey Tube Call is highly versatile turkey hunting staple call that every hunter should have in their vest.


The "snuff can call" has been a mainstay of turkey hunters for years for good reason. The ability to control the call and resonance qualities provided by wood are hard to match. Grandmaw's Snuff Can is no different, made from sweet sounding maple tubes, Grandmaw's Snuff Can is perfect for long distance calling, but also makes sweet soft hen sounds to bring them in for the shot. What makes this tube call difference is the Grandmaw's Snuff Can has a concave diaphragm that makes the call easy to use. The Knight & Hale diaphragm is easily replaceable and the tension can be adjusted for any calling style.

  • Versatile tone and pitch
  • Adjustable diaphragm allows for any calling style
  • Maple wood tube creates sweet turkey tones
  • Diaphragm is easily replaceable 
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