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Da' Bonehead Deer Rattle Call

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SKU: KHD1007-W

Faithfully reproduce all the sounds of two bucks locked in combat with this unique rotating rattling system that gives you complete control of the fighting sequence.


The “designer” version of the popular Pack Rack rattling system, Da Bonehead delivers the in ultimate realism while providing hunters with total control of the sound sequence. Super-compact and easy to carry, Da’ Bonehead can simulate the sound of a territorial bucks fighting over a doe and works on whitetails, mule deer, elk and moose. Lure mature bucks into battle with this versatile and easy-to-use rattle call.

  • Advanced rattling call with a lifelike antler sound, look and feel
  • Patented, compact design pieces together to eliminate bulk and noise during transport 
  • Delivers professional-grade control and maximum volume, allowing you to mimic loud, intense fights as well as early-season sparring matches 
  • Tethered 2-piece design prevents loss or drops from your stand
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