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Buckstop Hands Free Grunt Call

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SKU: KHD0021-T

Knight and Hale’s new Buckstop is the easiest hands-free call in the game. This Bone Collector Line call is only three inches long and is designed to keep comfortably in the side of your mouth, keeping the call away from your bow side when at full draw, so you don’t miss your shot.

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Unlike Knight and Hale’s past hands-free grunt call, the Bone Collector Line Buckstop is an exhale deer call. At just three (3) inches long, with a lightweight design, the Buckstop fits easily into your pocket to take with you on even your deepest journeys into the woods. The Buckstop has a never-before-seen reed system that gives deep guttural tones with very little air. The mouthpiece is designed to fit between your teeth at the side of your mouth, making it the choice for bow hunters when hands-free operation is essential at full draw, or even for gun hunters facing limited shooting distance in heavily wooded areas. The Buckstop's plastic is made from soft pliable plastic, and is designed to stay comfortably in your mouth for long periods of time without biting through.

  • Built in collaboration with Bone Collector
  • Hands-free design
  • 3 Inches long
  • Easily packable
  • Soft and durable plastic mouth
  • Innovative reed system
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