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Knight & Hale Ambush Open Reed Predator Call

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SKU: KHP0029-T

This open-reed style predator call mimics wounded prey, as well as coyote barks and howls, and operates on an extra-wide reed platform, making it easy to manipulate and offering extreme volume. 


Whether it be mimicking the sound of wounded prey in distress or calling those predators in with coyote barks and howls, Knight & Hale’s Ambush Open Reed Predator call offers both sounds. The Ambush operates on an extra-wide open reed platform making it easy to blow, while offering extreme volume. The Ambush is predator call that has a look and sound unlike any call on the market, using a soft, plastic handle for a comfortable and stable grip while moving quickly through the woods. 

  • Creates wounded prey distress sounds
  • Creates coyote barks and howls
  • Produces extreme volume and airflow
  • Operates on an extra-wide open reed platform
  • Uses a soft plastic handle for a comfortable, but stable grip
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