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Javelina Call

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Get the attention of javelina herds with this user-friendly call, drawing them in to respond to a lone javelina’s calls of distress.


Javelina find safety in numbers, and Knight & Hale’s Javelina Call recreates the sound of young javelina and hogs in distress to prey upon that instinct. Most effective in calling herding javelina to collectively defend their young, this easy-to-use call now features a new and improved ergonomic design.

  • Naturally mimics the sound of young javelina in distress 
  • Delivers extreme volume to coax entire herds of javelina into close range
  • Also effective on hogs and larger predators 
  • Threadlock barrel and shortened end piece for ease of disassembly
  • New wedge, lockable reed and sound board for allow for “factory condition” reassembly
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