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Grunt Calls

Grunt calls attract bucks into shooting range by emulating mature buck and doe vocalizations. Knight & Hale considers every deer hunting situation with close range and long distance calls as well as hands-free grunters.

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  1. Death Chamber

    Death Chamber Deer Call


    Get the upper hand with this unique grunt call that uses variable pitch to effectively simulate the sounds of mature bucks or baby fawns with the shift of a lever. 

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  2. EZ Grunter Xtreme

    EZ Grunter Xtreme Deer Call


    An outstanding call for all seasons, this “game changer” reproduces even the most hard-to-mimic deer grunts, including the hyperventilating sounds of big bucks chasing and tending does.

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  3. Knight & Hale Da' Bone Deer Call

    Da' Bone Deer Grunt Call

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    Knight & Hale Da' Bone Deer Call can produce a range of volume calls from close range or long distance to get your buck's attention.

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  4. EZ Grunter

    EZ Grunter Grunt Call


    An excellent close-range call that produces both buck and doe vocalizations, the EZ Grunter is the longest produced grunt call of all time. A full range of realistic sounds makes it a winner in a variety of scenarios.

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  5. Hands Free Soft Grunter

    Hands Free Soft Grunter Deer Call


    Turn the last 20 yards into 2 inches with Knight & Hale’s innovative Hands-Free Soft Grunter, the choice of bow hunters when hands-free operation is essential at full draw.

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  6. The Natural Grunt Call

    The Natural Grunt Call


    Craftsmanship meets performance in this versatile deer call. The Natural boasts a hand-polished wood tube and a unique latex design that cuts through the most dense woods. Learn More
  7. Outlaw Grunt Call

    Outlaw Grunt Call


    Knight and Hale’s Outlaw is part of the Bone Collector Line, and is the ultimate grunt and snort wheeze combination call. The Outlaw features a never-before-seen reed system that creates earlier back pressure for a deeper sound and more volume with less breathe.

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  8. Buckstop Hands Free Grunt Call

    Buckstop Hands Free Grunt Call


    Knight and Hale’s new Buckstop is the easiest hands-free call in the game. This Bone Collector Line call is only three inches long and is designed to keep comfortably in the side of your mouth, keeping the call away from your bow side when at full draw, so you don’t miss your shot.

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