Field Notes

How To Process Your Own Deer

For a considerable number of hunters, the hunt is about more than just the excitement and the exhilaration of bagging an impressive whitetail; it’s about the meat.  Hunters like to eat what they kill.  But not every hunter will take on the task of processing his or her own deer, often because he or she believes it’s an impossible task, requiring a lot of expertise and expensive equipment.  

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Broadhead Selection

When selecting the perfect broadhead for your hunt, marketing jargon and technical data can leave you scratching your head, but a few basic facts can help take the mystery out of your broadhead selection. First, understand there are two main types of broadheads -- fixed-blade and mechanical.

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Waterfowl Hunting 101

All it takes is watching an action-packed hunt on television or hearing a veteran hunter talk about a frosty morning spent in the blind to trigger a genuine interest in duck hunting. The unique sounds of whistling wings, raspy quacks and duck chatter echoing through a thick blanket of fog can really get into a person’s blood. If you’re thinking about giving duck hunting a whirl this season, then you’ll need a crash course in the basics that will help you get off on the right foot.

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Turkey Vest Essentials

As hardcore turkey hunters, we have a crazy amount of gear, equipment and calls to pack into the woods. The truth is it can be really easy to bring too much or even leave out some vital items that can potentially make or break your hunt. With that being said, let’s break down an essential must-pack list for your turkey vest that will have you more than ready for anything that spring can throw at you this season.

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Gobbler Guide

If you want to tag more gobblers this season, then learn to correctly identify these predictable turkey transitional phases and match your hunting strategies accordingly.

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Call-Shy Solutions

Without question, it can be extremely difficult to tangle with call-shy longbeards that refuse to cooperate and have bad attitudes. Outside factors such as lopsided hen-to-gobbler ratios, periods of intense hunting pressure, increased predator encounters and even the weather can cause gobblers to be tight-beaked or non-responsive.  When facing these tough hunting conditions, you need to switch gears and exploit call-shy longbeards with the following customized calling tactics and strategies that will get the job done.

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6-Steps To Beating Hunting Pressure

Let’s face it; most of us don’t have unlimited access to large tracts of private land that is intensely managed and receives minimal outside hunting pressure. When turkey hunting during the spring, we’ve got to target veteran gobblers that have quickly evolved into master escape artists. These bad boys know how to play the game, and they can be extremely difficult to tag on a consistent basis.

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Shock & Awe Turkey Calls

Without question, a shock call can be one of the most valuable tools that you carry into the spring woods this season. For good reason, shock calls enable you to effectively locate and monitor the current movement or directional travel path of gobblers. These calls have excellent volume, which means you can make contact from extended distances and during windy conditions that often impair a longbeard’s ability to hear a traditional-style hen call. Plus, shock calls allow you to pinpoint a gobbler without actually persuading him to approach your calling position.

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Turkey Game Camera Strategies

Without question, game cameras have completely changed the way we scout and hunt most big game species, especially whitetail deer. These high-tech devices enable us to effectively locate and pattern bucks with minimal time and effort. However, if you’re only using your game cameras during the fall deer season, then you’re really missing the boat or longbeard in this case. In order to maximize your success in the spring turkey woods, breakout your game cameras and utilize these high-impact scouting strategies to keep you right in the middle of all the gobbling action this season.

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Turkey Pro’s No. 1 Call Choices

Just about every hardcore gobbling addict carries a complete arsenal of turkey calls with them into the field during the spring. Their vests are usually weighted down with a variety of friction and mouth diaphragm calls that produce a wide range of tones, cadences and vocalizations. However, if some of today’s top turkey hunters were told that they could only pack a single call into the woods this spring, which one would they choose and why?

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