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Field Notes

Knight & Hale Brings Back The Ol’ Yeller

Back by popular demand and constructed with the original Ol’ Yeller calling surface that both diehard turkey hunters and fired-up gobblers fell in love with years ago, Knight & Hale Brings Back The Ol’ Yeller Classic Friction Call. 

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Switchblade 3-in-1 Turkey Box Call by Knight & Hale

Introducing the most versatile and diverse turkey call: The Switchblade™ to date. Turkey hunters often struggle to produce life-like inflection with a box call, which often leads them to use a box call only for locating turkeys and then switching calls to seal the deal.

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Knight and Hale Unleashes The Echotech Pot Call Striker

Knight and Hale® Game Calls, a legendary call brand known for its dedication to creating calls that produce the most life-like wildlife sounds, introduces theEchotech™ pot call striker.

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The Arrowhead from Knight and Hale

Knight & Hale® Game Calls, the legendary call maker known for creating calls that produce the most life-like wildlife sounds, unleashes it’s most radical deer call: theArrowhead™.

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Knight and Hale Delivers The Natural Grunt Call

Knight & Hale® Game Calls, the legendary call maker known for creating calls that produce the most life-like wildlife sounds, delivers The Natural™ grunt call for die-hard whitetail hunters.

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Knight and Hale to work with Michael Waddell

Knight & Hale® Game Calls, the legendary call maker led by industry pioneers Harold Knight and David Hale, are pleased to reintroduce the brand to the next generation of hunters through their newly minted partnership with Michael Waddell and the entire Bone Collector crew. 

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October's Deadliest Calling Strategies

Utilize these custom-matched calling tactics to attack and exploit top-heavy bucks throughout the month of October.

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Fall vs Spring Turkey

While the gobble of a love sick tom can be some of the most exciting hunting of the year, many hunters choose to pursue our feathered friends during the fall turkey season! Worlld Champion caller and professional turkey hunter, Chris Parrish, is here to offer some expert advice about hunting Fall vs Spring Turkeys. 

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Deadly Early-Season Calling Strategies

Exploit mature bucks during the early pre-rut period with high-impact calling strategies and tactics that have been extensively tested and proven in-the-field to produce results.

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Best Game Camera Methods For Big Bucks According to Chris Parrish

Deer Season is a few short months away and for most hardcore hunters the warmer months are vital for gathering information from game cameras. The Online Staff at North American Whitetail recently asked Knight & Hale’s Chris Parrish - "What’s the best way to use trail cameras in trying to pattern trophy whitetails?" 

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