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EZ Gravity Bleat Deer Call

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SKU: KH1033

Achieve perfect-sounding estrous doe bleats every single time. With no blowing necessary, Knight & Hale’s EZ Gravity Bleat is guaranteed foolproof—just turn it over.

There is a newer model of this item:
EZ Gravity Bleat Deer Call

Operating on the same principle as the classic “moo cow in a can” toy, the EZ Gravity Bleat produces uncannily natural-sounding estrous doe bleats and bawls with the flip of a wrist. Single-handed operation allows you to use it alone or in conjunction with other calls to simulate the sounds of deer group interactions. Either way, you’re bound to drive bucks wild with the authentic yearning sounds of a doe in heat.

  • Compact and ultra-easy to use, creating the perfect doe vocalization every time, no skill required
  • Brings rutting bucks into range with the lifelike sounds of a hot doe 
  • Simply turn the call over to produce realistic doe bleats and bawls—no blowing necessary 
  • One-handed operation allows hunters to use two calls at once to mimic several deer
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