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Beginner Diaphragm Turkey Calls (3-Pack)

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SKU: KHT3012-T

Get 3 of Knight & Hale’s most forgiving cuts—the Double Reed, Double-Reed Split and Triple Inverted V—in this trio of mouth calls suited for those just starting out.


Specialized yet easy to use, these 3 diaphragm calls allow first-timers to jump right in and start makin’ some noise. Crafted from premium materials and designed to make calling less frustrating and more enjoyable for beginners, each one requires relatively little air pressure to operate while offering surprising control and unbelievable realism. With minimal effort, even a novice caller can accurately reproduce wild-hen vocalizations sure to coax lovesick longbeards into close range.

The Beginner 3-Pack includes:

  • Double Reed: A super-simple 2-reed call requiring minimal airflow to generate soft, mellow tones like early-morning tree talk and contented feeding clucks as well as higher-pitched vocalizations and yelps 
  • Double-Reed Split: Designed to help novice hunters learn how to produce a range of realistic turkey vocalizations, including raspy low-end sounds
  • Triple Inverted V: A user-friendly 3-reed call capable of exceptional volume; re-creates the raspy, seductive sounds of a lonely hen looking to mate as well as convincing cutts
  • Snuff Can Carrying Case: Pocket-sized, ventilated tin keeps your calls dry and out of harm’s way between hunts

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